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RollJET Paper


»RollJet PAPER 175G - 252, 310 cm

RollJET is an ecologically practical alternative to synthetic papers and laminates) for mega-lights and mega-scrollers. That was developed in close cooperation with a British outdoor print provider; its special tear resistance makes the difference. RollJET is an environmentally friendly paper solution made from 100 % recyclable pulp, a formulation that makes both the addition of polyester fibres and lamination unnecessary. The special surface treatment delivers brilliant color results that provide exceptional luminosity for front and back-lit applications (day/night operation). More info http://www.swistar.cz/clanky/553753


• 100% recyclable

• Extremely tear resistant

• Additional processing steps such as lamination are superfluous

• Particularly durable, tested over 100,000 rotations

•3 in1: suitable for hard solvent, UV and latex inks

• Identical colour rendition during day or night-time (front and back lit operation)

• Homogeneous paper structure, especially favourable for back-lit applications

• Approved by out-of-home agencies

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